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  • suits:

    people who claim to be feminists but dont acknowledge trans women as women need to stop drop and roll off this earth.

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  • letmeeatyourchildren:







    Thine octopus

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  • themarchrabbit:


    so how come i haven’t heard anything about the 200 young girls who were kidnapped in Nigeria?

    I can’t breathe.

    Those poor babies. Their parents.

    I started crying, reading this. Those poor girls. Jesus.

    Henry Jackman End of the Line (piano excerpt) Captain America: The Winter Soldier


    That piano music from CA:TWS that people keep asking about. Taken from track 17 on the soundtrack, “End of the Line”.


    Tumblr really doesn’t seem to care much about disabled people and ableism. Seriously, I’ve seen multiple posts with 1000+ notes ripping at the TIMES list (and damn rightfully so!), however I’ve only seen one about the fact that the man that made the horrendous “I Am Autism" (major tw for ableism in the video) was on the list, and it only has 15 notes.

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  • Co-Screenwriter of 'Noah' Explains Why There Are No Black People Or POC In The Film



    O.K. let’s see if this makes sense.

    No doubt, one of the most talked about films so far this year is Darren Aronofsky’s Noah. The film has gotten its share of rave reviews, though there are those who have major problems with it. However, one cannot deny that it is truly an ambitious, unique and original film - the kind of risk-taking movie you wish Hollywood would make more of, like they used to.

    However, there is that one thing; That one thing that stuck out in my mind when I saw the film: “Hey, where are the black folks or people of color in the film?” 

    If this film had been made back during the epic “Biblical film” era, in the 1950s, well then, yes, you would expect that.

    But even Cecil B. DeMille’s The Ten Commandments has black people in it. So, here we are well into the 21stcentury, and Noah is populated with nothing but white people, many who speak with British or Australian accents.

    Well, in a new interview on the website The High Calling (HERE) the co-screenwriter of the film Ari Handel, who wrote Noah with Aronofsky, was asked about the lack of diversity and addressed by saying:

    “From the beginning, we were concerned about casting, the issue of race. What we realized is that this story is functioning at the level of myth, and as a mythical story, the race of the individuals doesn’t matter. They’re supposed to be stand-ins for all people. Either you end up with a Bennetton ad or the crew of the Starship Enterprise.”

    He goes on to say:

    “You either try to put everything in there, which just calls attention to it, or you just say, “Let’s make that not a factor, because we’re trying to deal with everyman.” Looking at this story through that kind of lens is the same as saying, “Would the ark float and is it big enough to get all the species in there?” That’s irrelevant to the questions because the questions are operating on a different plane than that; they’re operating on the mythical plane.”

    Really? That’s the best he could do? Why not just say, we just didn’t want to be bothered? I would have bought that.

    So let me see if I understand this. In other words, if we put black people or POC in the film, then people would notice it, and that would have been like really, really distracting, taking people out of the film. So instead, we got a whole bunch of white British, American and Australian actors to represent all mankind, because it‘s just a lot easier?

    And, furthermore, putting people of color in the film would have somewhat diminished the biblical Noah, making it look, God forbid, like some kind of Star Trek movie?

    Sorry I’m all confused here. I was thinking that, if you want to represent all mankind in a film, then wouldn’t it make sense to have a cast that did actually represent all of mankind, in every color and hue, instead of having an all white cast, and telling audiences to just squint their eyes, and pretend that he’s another race, because it’s all just a myth after all? So black people can’t be mythical too? Nope, I guess we’re too real, too urban.

    Am I wrong here, or is Handel? You tell us.


    One more argument for not seeing this movie

    because we’re trying to deal with everyman

    oh, because PoC and somehow not the everyman? White supremacy at work, people: defaulting to whiteness as the norm.


    Further to yesterday’s post regarding racism in the Night Vale fandom, in the fandom’s defence I would say this:

    I think the only reason it’s become such a big thing is because the show has such a diverse cast. I’ve been in other, much whiter fandoms, lacking PoC characters, and the racism bullshit hasn’t flared up because the PoC fans haven’t had anything *to* hold onto or defend.

    I think the reason the racism seems so prevalent in Night Vale’s fandom is because there’s so much more visible diversity. It’s easy to look accepting and free of racism if everyone involved is a similar shade of pale pinkish beige, and there’s no diversity to threaten the racists and set them off.

    This is a fandom and a show which actively challenges and calls out racism and the unthinking acceptance of racially biased attitudes in a way that no other fandom I’ve been part of has ever done. And that’s threatening as hell to both outright racial supremacists and to people who just don’t want to think about their habitual assumptions about racial diversity.

    Night Vale fandom looks like a messy war zone because it’s pushing forward and refusing to be left as a desert of pale pinkish beige. It’s refusing to let racially biased attitudes silence people, it’s refusing to let PoC characters be whitewashed, it’s refusing to let people treat white as an automatic default in a world where diversity is an undeniable fact of canon. And it’s facing pushback from people whose minds are still trapped in a 1950s American Hell, who get incredibly nasty when their monopoly on culture is threatened.

    Progress tends to come only with a fight. But Night Vale is fighting, and it is demanding progress in a way that fandoms of uniform pinkish beige never could.

    TL;DR: Yes, the racism is a thing. But I think it’s only because Night Vale’s diverse enough that the racists can’t hide or blend in any more. And that’s because Night Vale, and its diverse fandom, is awesome and willing to fight for its diversity.

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  • sapphicnymph:

    leaving Laverne Cox off of the Time top 100 despite the overwhelming support she received is an act of violence and erasure towards trans women